About - Cloud8 Accounting Firm

Cloud8 is not your traditional accounting firm in Collingwood, Melbourne. It is operated by entrepreneurs and is set up to be different. Our focus is you and your start up or online business.

We have been there before, having been involved in a number of start-up businesses. So, we understand the needs and difficulties that come up… and we are here to help you succeed.

How are we different?


Proactive Service

We don’t charge clients big fee for services. We are not run by partners with big firm experience from decades ago. We are here to help you meet your tax compliance in the simples, most cost-effective way. We will keep your bookkeeping costs to a minimum, allowing you to reinvest your hard earned profit back into your business.

Technology Focused

We are partnered with Xero to bring you their new App Advisory services for start-up and small businesses, along with the latest cloud-based accounting ecosystem. This flexible approach is specifically tailored to start-up businesses or online businesses such as yours. Using the Xero system, we are able to streamline the entire accounting, taxation and reporting process specifically for you from engagement to tasks delivery.

Affordable Pricing

With our competitive pricing packages, there will be no nasty surprises when you receive your accounting bill. There will be no over-priced services that leave you wondering what value you received from them. We make things clear and simple so you can focus on running your business and driving growth.


We are here to help. We help to:

Business Registration

Turn your business ideas into reality and set it up for the future. We do this by building bespoke business structures that are efficient and drive growth in your future. We take care all the associated business registrations you need to start.


Business Establishment

Establish businesses with a future focus. Setting up or migrating to a cloud based accounting ecosystem, reducing accounting cost and improving efficiency.


Taxation Compliance

Meet all your taxation compliance requirements. Never miss a lodgement deadline again!

Let’s tailor the right solution for your business