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Ryan is owner of a small landscaping business, RW Landscaping, servicing Southern and Eastern Melbourne.

As a small business, Ryan is it. He doesn’t have a large staff to help him with bookkeeping, administration or running his small business. He needs to do this on the go, while he’s finalising quotes or jobs, or between jobs.


In his project based business, Ryan needs a system that allows him to quote and invoice quickly.

He’s on the road a lot of the day, so needs to keep admin to a minimum. Doing as much of his admin as possible on the move is critical. Sending quotes and invoices while on location and reconciling on the go.

He also needs to have a view of his business and what’s going on. To be able to provide this to his accountant at short notice to help with big decisions. To be able to quickly and easily access data at tax time, for regulated reporting.



Ryan came to Cloud8 to get some help with his bookkeeping and gaining a comprehensive view of his operations, inflows and outflows.

The Cloud8 team set Ryan up with a Xero and Tradify package to support his business.

The pack is specifically designed for trade industry jobs, supporting small business owners in this space to eliminate out of hours admin work. Ryan can quote, schedule, track, invoice and follow up payments all on the go, during the day and between jobs.


Ryan’s entire business operations are stored and shown in Tradify with minimal manual data entry. He can easily access, view and share reports, helping with scheduling new work and making decisions about purchases, assets, etc.

He is able to easily send information to his accountant and to get dashboards and summaries to understand his business, accessing data and positions.



Organising, managing and growing a small business is tough.

It’s long days, getting home and then having to do all the admin side of things in the evenings. It sometimes seems like it never stops. And family time suffers.

I found the Cloud8 team through a recommendation and they have been a life-saver. They set me up with a system that is so much simpler to use than my previous one and keeps me up to date. I can do it on the run during the day. While I’m finishing a job I can send the invoice. This automatically tracks and reconciles payment for me.

I can’t recommend the team highly enough. I now have my evenings back!

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