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Triples S is a major headwear wholesaler with clients across Australia. The owner, Susie, regularly travels overseas to visit suppliers and manufacturers. Her clients place their orders by visiting the warehouse, by phoning or by emailing their orders.


Prior to the Cloud8 team converting Triple S to Xero, the business had used another cloud app to record sales, purchases and invoicing. However, the app was not designed to sync with other bookkeeping systems and required a lot of manual entries.



The Cloud8 team recommended Susie try Xero’s powerful invoicing and inventory tracking functions. This recommendation was made as we believed it was a better option to have the invoicing system directly sync with all previous accounts. Also, Xero’s online payment and invoicing function made it simple for customers to pay and resulted in faster payments.


A few years later, Susie opened her own online store and once again, the Cloud8 team where there to help. Our team helped Susie integrate her system with eCommerce App Shopify.

Our team chose this app for Susie from a range of apps available for a few specific reasons.

The app is ideal for an eCommerce business that also has a physical presence. It also offers integration all the common payment platforms. In addition, the app also supports a strong customer relationship management framework, which is crucial for the success of Susie’s business.

With the help of the Cloud8 team, Susie now has a very successful business that uses a strong sales, purchasing and invoicing management platform and is integrated to support an eCommerce platform. Susie’s business is running smoothly and is set up for the future.



My life is busy, I travel for work quite a bit, which makes it hard to manage and run a small business. The Cloud8 team have been there every step of the way, supporting me and my business to succeed.

The team were there to help me set up the basics that I needed in simple and easy inventory and invoice management. They have been on the journey as my business has grown, providing solutions to meet my new needs.

I look forward to working with the team in the future as I continue on my journey and my business continues to grow. Hats off to the team!

Owner: Susie
Website: Visit Us

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