Take advantage of the new lower Company Tax Rates for 2020- 2021 Financial Year- Best time to register your small business

17 Jun

Australian company tax rate applies to small businesses with an aggregated turnover less than $50 million will be reduced to 25% by 2021-22 income year. The lower company tax rate will further reduce small businesses’ tax burden.

Company Tax rate:

Income year Aggregated turnover threshold Tax rate for base rate entities under the threshold Tax rate for all other companies
2019–20 $50m 27.50% 30.00%
2020–21 $50m 26.00% 30.00%
2021–22 $50m 25.00% 30.00%


A base rate entity is a company that both:

  • has an aggregated turnover less than $50 million
  • 80% or less of their assessable income is base rate entity passive income.

Base rate entity passive income is:

  • corporate distributions and franking credits on these distributions
  • royalties and rent
  • interest income (some exceptions apply)
  • gains on qualifying securities
  • a net capital gain
  • an amount included in the assessable income of a partner in a partnership or a beneficiary of a trust, to the extent it is traceable (either directly or indirectly) to an amount that is otherwise base rate entity passive income.

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